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Garlic Coriander Potatoes

Ohh yeah have I got a good one for you guys today! 😉

Potatoes, good old wonderfully seasoned potatoes that are just to die for!

I know I’m usually a dessert sharing gal but I’ve got a few savoury recipes up my sleeve that are in continued rotation in my household; these being a major front runner. I’ve been wanting to share a few of my favourite dishes here on my blog and I figured, well there’s no time like the present.

This is one of the most popular dishes in our house and every single member of the family loves it! It’s very easy to make and since its a savoury dish like this, I don’t have exact measurements but I’ve tried my best to write it in a simple way. You guys adjust the amounts to your liking.

These potatoes may seem like just an appetizer or side dish but we have at times doubled the recipe to make dinner out of it. Served with salad and fresh bread, it’s superb.

I hope you guys enjoy 😄

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Garlic Coriander Potatoes

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Recipe by Linda @thedutchbaker


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  • 1 – 2 kilos potatoes, peeled, washed and cut into cubes

  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped

  • Large bundle of cilantro/coriander

  • Salt, pepper, chilli powder etc (any herb of your choice)

  • 1 – 2 lemons or a splash of vinegar


  • In a pan, heat some oil, about 3 tablespoons or enough to cook the potatoes, and add in the potatoes and spices. Stir the potatoes well until everything is mixed and cover pan with the lid. Keep the pan covered while the potatoes cook but make sure to stir them every so often so they cook evenly, not burning the ones at the bottom. If they do start cooking too fast on the outside but still raw in the middle, add a splash of water and stir. Dont add too much water or else the potatoes will become mushy.
  • In a separate smaller saucepan, pour some oil, enough to cover the bottom of the pan and fry the chopped/crushed garlic. As SOON as they have JUST started to brown, add in the coriander/cilantro. It will shrink considerably so make sure to add a good amount. Stir everything together well and turn off heat.
  • Once the potatoes have just about cooked through, add in the fried garlic/cilantro mixture with a little of the oil. Save the remaining oil for other dishes. It is deliciously flavoured and can be used to cook anything.
    Turn off the heat and add in lemon or vinegar to lightly flavour the dish.
  • Stir everything together well and serve with fresh, warm bread.


  • Recipe by the dutch baker.

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