Hello everyone and welcome to my world.


I’m Linda. I’m a half Dutch, half Syrian ex medical student with a huuuuuge addiction to baking.

I’ve had an interest in food ever since I was little and my mama gave me a baking and cooking book full of recipes for kids and I ended up making every recipe in the book!

My baking interest turned into a full on obsession after I started spending an embarrassingly large amount of time watching cooking shows and competitions, food channels and spending hours browsing Pinterest.

I’ve been baking almost on a daily basis for a few years now and I’m all into learning how to make everything from scratch. Maybe its the scientist in me but if its pre made then its not for me!

My goal is to find the best of the best, easy recipes that anyone can make.

My favourite cuisines are Chinese followed by Mexican and Italian with American and Arabic close behind. I honestly cant choose just one! There is just too much good food out there.

Oh and not to forget anything with heaping amounts of cheese! Lots and lots of cheese!

I come from a very international background and I always feel blessed that my multicultural heritage has given me such a broad palate and opened my taste buds to many different foods.

My dad is from Haarlem, The Netherlands and my mama is originally from Damascus, Syria. I was born in beautiful Vienna, Austria before living and being raised in Kuwait. I spent a great amount of time traveling to and from Vienna throughout my childhood, making so many great memories along the way which makes both of these countries the places that I call home. I then went on to live in Egypt for a few years before dividing my time between Kuwait, the Emirates and other gulf countries.

I started my Facebook page The Dutch Baker (previously Lekker Heavenly Desserts) in early September 2014, and have shared over 150 of my favourite recipes and baking photos so far. I would like to thank all of the friends and followers I have made along the way. I thank you all for the continued support!

I have to give a major shout out to my family because honestly without them, I wouldn’t be able to create and test my recipes and have them judge and approve the great ones (as well as being super nice about the many kitchen failures) love you guys!

Thank you for checking out my blog. I hope that I can inspire you enough to go pick up a whisk and bake!!

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Linda xx

Photography by Mona Munshi .