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Banana Apple Cupcakes With Chunky Peanut Butter Frosting


It’s always fun when you play around in the kitchen and whatever you end up making turns out to be so fantastic you just wonder why you haven’t always been making it! 😉

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The Ultimate Autumn Spice Cake


I would just like to take a moment to introduce to everyone the cake that holds the 2nd spot in my Top 3 Cakes of All Time list 😀 It is one that is beyond my wildest dreams and everyone who has been lucky enough to taste it feels the same way ❤

This cake has everything and I mean EVERYTHING! you guys… bursting with flavour; spice, nuts, butter; stick to your fork moist, fluffier than the softest clouds, creamier than silk and more decadent than the richest chocolate cake you know 😉

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The Banana Cake

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Banana cakes are one of my all time favourite cakes ever 😁 I can even go as far as saying that if I had to pick between a variety of cakes like vanilla, chocolate, red velvet etc I would most likely reach for a luscious, silky smooth, moist and fluffy banana cake! Especially if it’s slathered with cream cheese frosting! 😋

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My Favourite Carrot Cake Cupcakes


I’ve recently realized that alot of people generally make carrot cake in the spring time but to me, winter wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of beautifully spiced carrot cakes 🙂 by dose I mean a huge batch of perfectly moist and fluffy cakes slathered with luscious cream cheese frosting of course!

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