How To Whip Egg Whites 

We’re back with another baking guide today with probably the worst pictures known to mankind, I really don’t want to post them but I want to show you guys the easiest way to whip up egg whites until stiff peaks. This is a technique used in cakes to make them super fluffy and light, very much like in this fresh strawberries and cream cake and it’s actually quite simple to achieve  🙂

It only takes a couple of steps but I’d like to give you a few pointers I’ve learned over the years to guarantee perfect results every time:

  1. Make sure that your bowl, a fairly large one, is clean and dry. This is crucial for whisking egg whites and it’s the number one issue that can make or break the whites. You have to make sure there’s not a drop of water or oil in the bowl or on the whisk or else the whites will not whip up.
  2. When seperating the whites from yolks, make sure no little drops of yolks fall into the whites. I recommend doing each egg separately in a small bowl before adding to the rest of the whites. If you accidentally drop some yolk then you can try your best to remove it or simple crack open another egg.
  3. And lastly, make sure you don’t add anything to the whites until they are opaque (completely white) in colour (picture below) and starting to hold themselves together to form soft peaks. Only then can you start adding the sugar.

At this stage you can start adding sugar, one tablespoon at a time, and whisk until soft peaks form.

You can see that it’s really starting to get fluffy and thick, forming thick streaks.

Continue whisking until you have stiff peaks when lifting out the whisk and in the bowl.

And that’s it! 😊 make sure to use the whites right away to avoid them deflating. You can also add in a pinch of cream of tartar along with the sugar to help stabilize the egg whites 😉

Be sure to check in next time for the most EPIC coconut white cake 😉

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  1. Thanks Linda 🙂 My mom always used to joke and say the best test is to see if your egg whites are stiff enough is to hold the bowl upside down over your head….you can be rest assured I used to beat those egg whites properly ! x

    1. Omg Lynne thank you! 😊 ever since I posted this I’ve been going crazy trying to remember what it is I wanted to add but for the life of me I couldn’t 😯 you’ve just reminded me lol that’s exactly true, the best way to whip egg whites is to hold the bowl up side down and they shouldn’t fall 😄 your an angel girl! 💙

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